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Business Fundamentals in the New Normal

Business Disruption Winners and Losers

Business Disruption

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the world, as we know it, can be turned upside down with little or no warning. Many businesses were unprepared for the challenges of mandated stay-at-home orders, shutdowns, supply chain delays, diminished production, and dwindling revenue. Some organizations have been able to survive during the global crisis by reducing discretionary spending, relying on some sort of emergency telework capabilities, and just holding on and weathering the storm. 

What happens, though, when the worst of the pandemic is behind us and surviving businesses return to “normal” operations? Will they simply pick up where they left off prior to COVID-19 or will the impact of this worldwide wake-up call change the fundamentals of business forever?

Those most devastated and least prepared may still fail despite government assistance and heroic efforts 

Winners and Losers

Unfortunately, many businesses won’t survive. Those most devastated and least prepared may still fail despite government assistance and heroic efforts to endure the catastrophe. The Market has seen this happen before with past economic downturns. Surviving businesses will have new opportunities to grow and take advantage of the voids left in the global marketplace. New businesses will emerge and create additional competition and innovation in a post-pandemic economy. Although contraction and expansion are nothing new and are inherent in normal economic cycles, there is something very different about what we might expect this time as businesses reconstitute and reboot their operations.


Strategy Capability Analysis

Involves analyzing organizational strategy and aligning it to tactical tasks. The CertainPoint approach integrates strategic goals with individual task assignments to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.