About CertainPoint

Management Consulting

Consulting at the Intersection of Business and Technology

CertainPoint is uniquely focused on the integration of people, process, and technology to provide transformational solutions for organizations with difficult challenges, the desire for excellence, and an appetite for success. 

Leadership In Action

A key success factor for CertainPoint is the strength of its Leadership Team. The CertainPoint Leadership Team brings a proven success record in business and technology, across diverse industries and sectors, and in organizations of all sizes. Not only does the Team work effectively together, but each member brings a unique focus and area of expertise to the organization. The CertainPoint Leadership Team has collective experience as serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, global technology leaders, civic leaders, insurance industry experts, enterprise architects, software developers, program and project managers, educators, and members of the military. Most importantly, each member of the CertainPoint Leadership Team is a collaborative, critical-thinker that thrives on overcoming tough challenges, working hard, and exceeding expectations.



CertainPoint’s vision is to lead in the creation of new and innovative methodologies for standardizing enterprise and technology functions using strategically integrated comprehensive processes, tooling, training, and related services – all designed to maximize value, minimize risk, and provide reliability for our customers.


CertainPoint’s mission is to consistently deliver expert Business and Technical services designed to help customers achieve Innovation, Governance, and Effectiveness through our standardized solutions, positive working relationships, open and transparent culture, and highly experienced, accomplished, and dependable staff.

Proven Leadership

Todd Coombes

A lifelong passion for learning  and decades of dedication to improving the intersection of technology and business have equipped Todd to lead at CertainPoint.

It's unusual for a Chief Executive to have both broad and deep experience across multiple industries, geographies, and types and sizes of organizations. CertainPoint's CEO, Todd Coombes, is just such a leader. Todd has always had a passion for innovating, improving, and solving difficult challenges by uniquely integrating technology and business. 

Some of Todd's experience and accomplishments: 

  • Successfully led within public and private companies, non-profits, and start-ups 
  • Taught MBA school for 5 years at a Midwest university 
  • Built and revamped IT shops in government, insurance, and healthcare 
  • Architected one of the first configurable, multi-platform insurance systems 
  • Optimized software company operations with end-to-end process and technology 
  • Developed methodology used in dozens of complex system and data conversions 
  • Led advanced technology for global insurance at a sizable international vendor 
  • Consolidated redundant systems at a large insurer for cost savings and quality 
  • Led insurance and technology for an instrumentality of the State of California 
  • Member of non-profit, advisory, and corporate boards 
  • Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader 
  • Technology and insurance certifications - CCP, FLMI, CPCU