CertainPoint: Simple & Effective Solutions

CertainPoint is a Microsoft partner that makes combining business and technology solutions simple and effective.

We specialize in making the cloud easy to use, manage, and govern. CertainPoint services include first-class SharePoint, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 expertise and innovative approaches to leveraging the Microsoft Cloud to capture business logic, lower costs, and increase efficiencies.

Business and technology leaders look to CertainPoint when…

  • Tired of ineffective technology providers with little or no business sense
  • Unsure about how best to leverage existing Microsoft technology to achieve business solutions
  • Seeking guidance on the difficult task of migrating to or modernizing Office 365 while avoiding user frustration and lost productivity
  • Desiring to modernize their ERP & CRM with Dynamics 365 artificial intelligence (AI)

CertainPoint's innovative cloud solutions are unique in the market and stand out from the other available alternatives:

  • A belief in business first and technology second
  • Focus on long-term customer relationships rather than a quick sale
  • Helps customers succeed in business rather than just selling Microsoft licenses
  • Offer existing, proven solutions in the areas of organizational metrics, operational efficiency, and business continuity

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