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Business Fundamentals in the New Normal

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CertainPoint’s integrated approach to management consulting reflects our passion for the future of organizational excellence. We believe the successful business of tomorrow will be a tapestry of people, process, and technology blended seamlessly across the threads of strategy, efficiency, compliance, and innovation. Come and share our vision - contact CertainPoint today.

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Business Fundamentals in the New Normal

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the world, as we know it, can be turned upside down with little or no warning. Many businesses won't survive the storm or will be severely impacted for an extended period. How does your organization adjust and even thrive in the new normal?

Preparing a Return to Normal Business Operations

COVID-19 has created a nearly worldwide series of continuity activations. The issue now is ensuring that our plans for returning to normal operations are sufficient meet the challenges of reopening while at the same time anticipating the avoidable problems that could cost your organization money, reputation, and lost opportunities.

CCPA Enforcement Begins July 01, 2020


With fines and penalties up to $7,500 USD per violation, the CCPA has made non-compliance an expensive proposition for organizations that are subject to the regulations, even if they are located outside of California.

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Read more about our latest thinking on the global COVID-19 response and what it means for your organization.