CCPA Compliance Consulting

Enforcement Begins

CCPA Compliance Enforcement Begins July 01, 2020

CCPA Compliance in the Face of COVID-19


California is serious about CCPA compliance. The complexity of the statute and regulations makes it difficult for organizations to understand their obligations and how best to achieve compliance. With fines and penalties up to $7,500 USD per violation, the CCPA has made non-compliance an expensive proposition for organizations that are subject to the regulations, even if they are located outside of California. 

Recently the Attorney General of the State of California was asked if CCPA compliance enforcement actions, which are slated to begin on July 1st, would be postponed due to the focus on COVID-19 response efforts. The Attorney General’s response was that enforcement would begin as scheduled and compliance will be backdated to January 1st, 2020.

CCPA Compliance Consulting

CertainPoint consultants help your organization assess and measure current CCPA compliance, and understand regulations, statutes, and impacts. We develop CCPA compliance strategy, train staff, and prepare for CCPA audits.

CCPA Solutions

CCPA Readiness Assessment

Initial review to determine if your organization is subject to CCPA statutes and regulations and how well your organization is complying with CCPA operational regulations. 

Outcomes Include: 

  • Understand How the CCPA Affects Your Organization
  • Better Comprehension of CCPA Statute Provisions
  • Recognizing Your Organization’s Gaps in CCPA Compliance

CCPA Compliance Suite

Comprehensive strategies, operational guidelines, and consulting services to fill compliance gaps and train staff on CCPA regulatory obligations. 

Outcomes Include:

  • Execution of Compliance Strategy
  • CCPA Compliance Trained Staff
  • Achieving Auditable CCPA Compliance