CCPA Compliance Suite

Once your organization has determined that it falls under the scope of the CCPA and has identified gaps in applicable operational compliance, CertainPoint’s CCPA Compliance Suite provides you with the necessary tools and training to achieve and maintain CCPA compliance. CertainPoint’s expert consultants will work with your staff to identify your CCPA obligations, craft your CCPA strategy, and prepare for a CCPA audit.

Organizational Impacts

The CCPA Compliance Suite will provide your organization with the following tools, training, and guidance to achieve and maintain auditable CCPA compliance while minimizing disruptions:

Strategies for Compliance

After CCPA operational gaps have been identified from the CCPA Readiness Assessment, CertainPoint will help you build a strategic plan to improve your CCPA operational compliance.

Operational Guidelines

CetainPoint’s experts have analyzed the CCPA statute and regulations and developed a detailed set of Operational Guidelines that assists organizations in CCPA compliance. The guidelines provide a practical approach to performing CCPA functions according to the regulations.

Training Materials

CCPA regulations contain specific Training Requirements that must be met to remain compliant. Based on CertainPoint’s Operational Guidelines and your Readiness Assessment, our CCPA experts will produce Training Materials with integrated tracking mechanisms that are specific for your organization.

Consulting Services

CertainPoint’s experts are available to assist your organization in becoming CCPA compliant and preparing for a CCPA-related audit.

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