CCPA Readiness Assessment

Many organizations are concerned about how the CCPA will affect them. The complex statute and regulations make it difficult to determine if your organization is in-scope and in compliance. CertainPoint’s CCPA experts have created a CCPA Initial Review consisting of a brief assessment designed to help you recognize your overall CCPA impact and obligations. In addition, CertainPoint also offers a CCPA Compliance Assessment that includes a more detailed questionnaire and analysis which will help identify specific gaps in your CCPA operational compliance.

Organizational Impacts

The CCPA Initial Review and the CCPA Compliance Assessment provide clarity on impacts and your operational readiness through the following:

CCPA Initial Review Questionnaire

The CCPA Initial Review Questionnaire consists of a fifteen question, multiple choice survey that is designed to help determine CCPA-related scope, impact, and risk to an organization.

Initial Review Report

The CCPA Initial Review Report is provided in response to the Initial Review Questionnaire. The report recaps questions and answers, provides recommendations and insights based on the statute and regulations, and is delivered in a shareable PDF format.

CCPA Compliance Assessment

The CCPA Compliance Assessment consists of a detailed, multiple choice analysis that evaluates your organization’s readiness to comply with CCPA regulations and provides the information needed to create your gap analysis and CCPA Operational Readiness Score.

Gap Analysis of CCPA Operational Readiness

The Gap Analysis of CCPA Operational Readiness is provided in response to the CCPA Compliance Assessment and includes a detailed report of your organization’s current ability to comply with the CCPA. The report recaps questions and answers and identifies specific areas of improvement. An overall Readiness Score is presented along with recommendations to remediate identified gaps.

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