Reconstitution Management Suite

Reconstitution Management Suite is a complete solution detailing how to get your business back to normal after a pandemic or any incident that disrupts normal business operations.

In the context of COVID-19, Reconstitution Management plans and procedures need to be reexamined. The pace at which global organizations can re-engage in normal business operations may vary significantly. Complex value chains that span global geographies and industries have different timings and dependencies, resulting in a staggered return to normal. 

The threat of additional infections and deaths will persist and governmental and health authorities will wrestle with the difficult decisions surrounding the timing and extent of lifting social distancing precautions. Likewise business leaders will need to carefully consider how to return to normal (pre-disaster) operations. Counter to traditional thinking of organizations returning to normal operations (Reconstitution) only after the threat has passed, pandemic Reconstitution efforts will have to be conducted in the face of an ongoing response. These Reconstitution efforts present considerable challenges far beyond the scope envisioned in most Reconstitution planning efforts. 

The CertainPoint Reconstitution Management Suite provides a methodology for examining the risks, mitigations, planning considerations, and measures required for putting people back to work and keeping the economy running. In addition, the methodology seeks to strike the balance of pandemic Reconstitution while maintaining the significant health and safety benefits achieved through the sacrifice of so many. 

Organizational Impacts

CertainPoint's Reconstitution Management Suite (RMS) helps leaders navigate a path to Reconstitution that accounts for the continued risk of infections and deaths, widespread market and workforce disruptions, and balances the need to move toward normal operations without losing ground in mitigating the progression of COVID-19.

Risk Assessment Tools

Understand organizational risks unique to the COVID-19 Pandemic, both immediate and long-term and with safety in mind, expedite the return to normal operations.

Orderly and Prioritized Return Process

Measured method of prioritization for Reconstitution elements provides for a more orderly return to normal operations. 

Virtual Operations Center

Our exclusive Virtual Operations Center (VOC) provides centralized access to all of the resources necessary for managing Reconstitution Operations. 

  • Reconstitution Plan 
  • Essential records, contact rosters, and documentation
  • Project Plans
  • Pre-planned communication templates

The VOC comes complete with the expert guidance, job aids and tools built-in and acts as your long-term audit and compliance record.

Playbooks & Planning Tools

Included as part of the Virtual Operations Center (above) Reconstitution Playbooks & Planning Tools provide role based guidance to simplify daily operations.

Risk Management Centric Approach to Reconstitution

The RMS planning suite was developed with a risk management centric approach to Reconstitution in mind helping to minimize future issues and unwanted surprises. 

Adjust Organization Processes to New Realities, Rules, and Guidelines

Some organizational processes, policies and guidelines may need to change long-term. The templates and decision matrices for these assessments are included in the RMS suite of tools.

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