CertainPoint Continuity Capability and Maturity Model™

Compared to national business continuity standards of practice, and your organizational resources and continuity objectives, how effective is your business continuity program? Unfortunately for many organizations, their business continuity plans, execution, and outcomes fell short when it came to dealing with COVID-19.

The CertainPoint Continuity Capability and Maturity Model™ provides a best-practices approach for measurement and current state assessment of your Continuity program.

Initial Baseline Assessment

Get a clear understanding of where your continuity program is today and where you need to be to support your Mission Essential Functions.

Choose Your Level of Compliance

Our distinctive and incremental ranking system defined within the Continuity Capability and Maturity Model™ helps your organization to progress to a level of capability in a manner that is easy to describe to Board Members, colleagues, and direct reports.

Continuity Maturity Score

Through CertainPoint’s standardized assessment process, organizations get a clear score that outlines their current state of continuity capability and maturity. Our team works with organizational leaders to establish the desired state target score by aligning your organization’s needs with your Mission Essential Functions, organizational risks, and resource availability. The gap analysis from the standardized assessments provides the basis of a remediation plan to achieve the desired state target score determined by the prioritized needs of your organization. 

BCP Roadmap

We help you set BCP goals and objectives, balance those objectives with available budget, time, and personnel. Additionally we help you measure the effectiveness of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP), understand level of readiness, and help your organization rapidly enable a BC Plan.

Continuity Readiness Assessment

Contact Us today to get your continuity maturity score assessment.

Using our 4 step process: 

  1.   Determine Desired Continuity Maturity Target
  2.  Conduct Current State Assessment 
  3. Develop and Execute Future State Plan 
  4. Execute Continuous Improvement Plan