CertainPoint is focused on Technology and Business Innovation, Governance, and Effectiveness – primarily in federal, state, and local governments and in the insurance industry. In addition, CertainPoint provides services related to Emergency Preparedness Management since it is closely related to other areas of our business and because of our knowledge and experience in disaster and continuity planning and management. At CertainPoint, we are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading solutions to the their most important and challenging issues.


A key success factor for CertainPoint is the strength of its Leadership Team. The CertainPoint Leadership Team brings a proven success record in business and technology, across diverse industries and sectors, and in organizations of all sizes. Not only does the Team work effectively together, but each member brings a unique focus and area of expertise to the organization. The CertainPoint Leadership Team has collective experience as serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, global technology leaders, civic leaders, insurance industry experts, enterprise architects, software developers, program and project managers, educators, and members of the military. Most importantly, each member of the CertainPoint Leadership Team is a collaborative, critical-thinker that thrives on a overcoming tough challenges, working hard, and exceeding expectations.


Location is another key success factor for CertainPoint. We are located in Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento, California. The greater Sacramento area is uniquely positioned to support state and local government technology initiatives, insurance-related projects, and community resilience and business continuity efforts with a growing, skilled, and diverse Northern California workforce.


Leadership in Action

Experience, Accomplishments, Certifications


The CertainPoint team has a unique set of capabilities and achievements, and a consistent history of delivering successful outcomes. Why take the risk of trusting your important initiatives to anyone other than can-do, proven, and determined professionals that get the job done time after time?

Technology Experts

The Technology Team at CertainPoint consists of former CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs, as well as specialized technical consultants.

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Industry Leaders

The CertainPoint Team includes certified Industry Leaders that showcase both our Technology and Business leadership capabilities.

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Successful Results

CertainPoint's staff has an established history of building and implementing outstanding Technology and Business solutions. 

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CertainPoint aspires to create a new and innovative methodology for standardizing the Information Technology function using comprehensive processes, tooling, training, and related services, all designed to maximize value, minimize risk, and provide reliability for our customers in government, insurance, emergency management, and other industries.


CertainPoint’s mission is to consistently deliver expert Technical and Business Services designed to help customers achieve Innovation, Governance, and Effectiveness through our standardized solutions, positive working relationships, open and transparent culture, and highly-experienced, accomplished, and dependable staff.


CertainPoint is a values-based organization. Our Values serve as the governing foundation of our organization. They are the philosophies we use to guide us in making decisions.


We act with deliberate focus and work to specific outcomes.


We are polite and strive to treat others as we want to be treated.

Clarity of Purpose

We understand who we are, what we do, and what is expected.


We are committed to keeping our promises and building trust.

Guiding Principles

In addition to the Values listed above, CertainPoint is committed to Guiding Principles in how we conduct Working Relationships and how we perform with Excellence In All We Do.

Working Relationships


Diversity in approach, culture, and thinking provides CertainPoint with multiple perspectives for effective decision-making and also allows us to encourage communication and collaboration between all of our valued stakeholders.
CertainPoint believes working effectively means that we all help each other to be successful while also being courteous, friendly, and respectful of co-workers, business partners, customers, and others.
Direct, honest, open, and respectful communication is a part of CertainPoint's culture and is essential for providing clarity, establishing trust, and achieving positive and efficient outcomes.
Great customer service should be an integral part of any business, and at CertainPoint we have made customer service a top priority from our inception.
CertainPoint is dedicated to being open and transparent in all of our business and working relationships. We believe in collaborative problem-solving, factual communication, and our ability to address issues openly and effectively.
CertainPoint understands that a quality work-life balance is important and valuable to our team members. We believe happy, healthy, and rested employees tend to be more productive and change jobs less frequently.

Excellence In All We Do


At CertainPoint, reliability is the cornerstone of Excellence. We believe in honoring our commitments and meeting customer expectations.
CertainPoint believes that innovation drives progress and is a key component of Excellence. Innovation through the effective integration of people, process, and technology is a core-concept at CertainPoint and will help pave the way to a better tomorrow.
Future improvement is always on our minds in everything we do. CertainPoint is dedicated to the concept of continuous improvement as a strategy for long-term value and results for our customers.
CertainPoint understands that quality is an essential part of being an excellent business. We strive for excellence while measuring our work against specific goals.
CertainPoints works with regulators and within highly regulated industries. We build compliance into every solution we provide.
CertainPoint is committed to industry accepted standards and practices, which create consistency in solutions. Consistency provides a level of confidence that our solutions meet customer and industry expectations.


Todd Coombes

Todd Coombes is the CEO of CertainPoint. His decades of leadership at the intersection of technology and business, diverse and groundbreaking career experiences, and passion for innovation and solving difficult challenges have equipped Todd to lead at CertainPoint.



It's unusual for a Chief Executive to have both broad and deep experience across multiple industries, geographies, and types and sizes of organizations. CertainPoint's CEO, Todd Coombes, is just such a leader. Todd has always had a passion for innovating, improving, and solving difficult challenges by uniquely integrating technology and business.


Some of Todd's experience and accomplishments:

  • Successfully led within public and private companies, non-profits, and start-ups
  • Tought MBA school for 5 years at a midwest university
  • Built and revamped IT shops in government, insurance, and healthcare
  • Architected one of the first configurable, multi-platform insurance systems
  • Optimized software company operations with end-to-end process and technology
  • Developed methodolgy used in dozens of complex system and data conversions
  • Led advanced technology for global insurance at a sizable international vendor
  • Consolidated redundant systems at a large insurer for cost savings and quality
  • Led insurance and technology for an instrumentality of the State of California
  • Member of non-profit, advisory, and corporate boards
  • Computerworld Top 100 IT Leader
  • Technology and insurance certifications - CCP, FLMI, CPCU