In these uncertain times of Coronavirus (COVID-19), most companies are choosing to send their workforce home to work remotely (telework). Some government officials are preparing plans to force telecommuting work for up to a month if necessary. Unfortunately, many companies find themselves unprepared with tools and policies necessary to allow employees to work from home. Microsoft is responding to the Coronavirus in a positive way. They announced Microsoft Teams, their remote work and cloud collaboration tool, will be FREE for 6 months.  The CertainPoint team has been setting up telework capabilities and mitigation plans for entities ranging from start-up businesses to multi-billion-dollar organizations with the Microsoft Cloud since 2011. Let our experts quickly guide you through the remote work process. We will address any concerns of maintaining workforce productivity, security and controls, and business continuity.




CertainPoint's Telework Service offerings are designed to quickly assess and implement effective telework tools and capabilities in your organization so you can remain productive and securely connected to your employees when they are working remotely. We also offer a tailored virtual business enablement plan and related consulting services to completely transform your organization from being dependent on expensive physical work locations and the need for on-premise employees.