Government & Insurance Technology

The CertainPoint team has many decades of leadership experience in these areas – no challenge is too large or complex.

Emergency Preparedness Management

We provide government and business entities with expert risk, continuity, and disaster response consulting services.

Information Technology Consulting

CertainPoint is dedicated to using our vast knowledge and technical experience to assist you in Doing IT Better.

Our Services

CertainPoint’s primary mission is to consistently deliver expert Technical and Business Services designed to help customers achieve Innovation, Governance, and Effectiveness. We are passionate about our mission and have designed our services accordingly.



Government & Insurance Technology


The CertainPoint team has been involved in Government and Insurance Technology for many years. Our team members have held C-level and other leadership roles in major insurance companies and our CEO led the insurance and technology function for a large instrumentality of the State of California, helping to transform it into a growing and robust organization. We have experience in doing government contracts and have worked closely with regulators and a wide variety of government agencies. Take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and success record helping government and insurance organizations solve their most difficult technical and operational challenges.





Emergency Preparedness Management


CertainPoint assists a wide variety of government and business entities with continuity planning and detailed risk assessments with improvement recommendations, as well as comprehensive disaster response and management programs. Our Emergency Preparedness Management team is led by a FEMA Level II - Master Continuity Practitioner and includes team members with experience in natural catastrophe planning and response in Government, Insurance, and Information Technology.





Information Technology Consulting


Technology is a significant part of CertainPoint's business and is embedded in virtually everything we do. Our technical experts have a long and successful history of providing customers with solutions that exceed expectations and solve difficult challenges. For example, we have built and revamped software companies and IT shops, led global technical initiatives, and have built and maintained commercial software applications. Additionally, we have helped organizations craft successful IT strategies, recover from failed IT audits, migrate to the cloud, and implement robust disaster recovery solutions. Let us know how we can help you.