Free Telework Assessment

CertainPoint's Free Telework Assessment Includes a review of your organization’s telework capabilities and provides recommendations for implementing a quality telework and remote collaboration system. When you fill-out and submit the online form below, CertainPoint will analyze your responses and provide you with a Free Telework Assessment Report. The report will contain a review of your organization’s current telework capacity, ability to adapt to an industry-accepted telework environment, and a proposal for a specific telework solution.



Please fill-out the form below and press the Submit button to send your responses to the CertainPoint team and receive your Free Telework Assessment Report. The contact information and 15 multiple choice assessment questions are designed to help our analysts understand more about your organization and its current telework capabilities and requirements. After entering your responses and pressing the Submit button, CertainPoint will review your submission, prepare your Free Telework Assessment Report, and email the report to you. By clicking the Submit button you are indicating that you agree with CertainPoint's Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Thank you for requesting your Free Telework Assessment.